South Africa in Transition
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Top News Story: The consequences of truth: Post-traumatic stress in new South Africa
By Lynn Burke

Now that Apartheid has come to an end, victims of brutality and rape reckon with their nightmarish pasts.

AIDS: A multifaceted South African crisis
By Erica Terry

South Africa's version of RuPaul takes on the 1999 elections
By Suzanne Pardington

Carjacking: The new leader of crime in South Africa
By Lynn Burke

South African women mobilize against domestic abuse
By Sherri Day

A night in Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital: Ground zero for gun violence
By Suzanne Pardington

Top Feature Story: South Africa's water shortage -- the future looks dry
By Vicki McClure

Natural hairstyles assert identity in post-Apartheid South Africa
By Sherri Day

Gays reap rewards slowly in today's South Africa
By Jessie Deeter

Letter from Johannesburg
By Neil Henry

Neil Henry's dispatch previewing upcoming stories to appear on the web site.

Cape Town's Father Michael Lapsley. Photo by Lynn Burke.


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